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Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci

Ilaria Ricci, the owner and designer of the brand Cordini Rita, was graduated in Management at the University of Pavia. She has a great passion for fashion and also for the environment so she decided to create this brand. The company produce artisanal, eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainable handbags of high quality, 100% Made in Italy.

Borse Cordini Rita fatte a mano in Italia


Our company was officially born in 2015, aftr a few years of experimentation, in Volpara (PV), a small village located in the Oltrepo 'Pavese hills.

Our laboratory was born in the creative silence of Nature, in this wonderful territory which extends in the province of Pavia for 3.89 square km and where about 100 people live there, the "Volparesi".

The village of Volpara is famous for its Moscato wine, which in this particularly favorable territory acquires particular characteristics of sweetness and aroma, such as to make it unique.

"Here you can breathe the air of the past, time seems to have stopped".

Is here, in Volpara that our bags come to life. Made according to Italian craftsmanship tradition, which requires care and attention to detail, they are often produced in unique pieces or in numbered and limited collections.

Each bag is worked individually. The most important technology for us is our head and our hands: passion, work, characteristics of the Italian creative genius.

Our mission is to defend the real Made in Italy, also creating sustainable products with low environmental impact. We are always looking for new ecological methods and materials.

The production is entirely made in Italy and the raw materials also come from Italian companies, which respect our ideals. 

We want to create a sustainable supply chain that respects the entire ecosystem: the environment, humans, and animals.



Eco Friendly Raw Materials

In our bags we only use eco-friendly raw materials

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Artisanal Manufacturing

Our bags are realized with the best artisanal italian skills

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